Siddhant School of Yoga is the world’s first and best Pranayama center in Rishikesh India situated at just footstep of the Himalayan range. Science has been proved that the mind controls the body and almost agree with one more hidden fact that Prana (vital energy) controls the mind. One of the practical as well as common fact that you can understand something better by a calm and quiet mind. It means understanding can be developed by calm, quiet, focused and by a balanced mind. So your prana (vital energy)can directly control the conscious mind and indirectly control your physical body and your understanding. If you balanced your Prana ( vital Energy )by PRANAYAMA you can balance your whole personality. Pranayama is the complete solution for your whole problem. You want Physical health and fitness, focused, calm and peaceful mind, right understanding and great intelligence, whatever you want can be possible by right practice of Pranayama.