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  • Can we detox ourself in our home?

    Can we detox ourself in our home?

    Yes, you can detoxify yourself in your home by understanding the nature of detox. There are different levels in detox so you need to understand ‘what to do?’ and ‘how to do?’looking to their different levels. If you are unable to understand or you do not want to go deep into the understand about detox, […]

  • Importance of Detox Reterat

    Importance of Detox Reterat

    Detox Retreat is very important than any other vacation you are planning for. We need a healthy body, balanced mind and right understanding. But in this present situation it is really not easy to maintain a healthy body, balanced mind and right understanding. Because of impurities and negatives in our body and mind. To do […]

  • What is Detox?

    What is Detox?

    Detox is all about to Detoxify your nagetivitirs. It might be on your physical level, mental level,emotional level, pranic level or Understanding level. By different exercises, d]by different kinds of yogic kriyas or by different kunds of ayurvedic medicine or ayurvedic diet you can detixify your phicycal body. By different kinds of meditation techenqus and […]

  • Why thankfulness?

    Why thankfulness?

    Be thankful! Everybody know thankfulness it may be a habit or common understanding can make your life easier and smoother. If you have a spiritual attitude you know this may push towards the spirituality or experience of the whole. Suppose you are the logical person having the scientific attitude then you know this is all […]

  • Secrets of Yoga

    Secrets of Yoga

    Yoga is the ultimate solution to all problems. You often encounter some existential questions, like “who am I, what is sleep, what is ignorance, what is death, what is life, what is samadhi (enlightenment)”.These are the secrets of this universe, no one can answer them. You have to discover the secrets by the help of […]

  • Gratitude


    Gratitude is everything in this existence. Everybody needs and deserves peace and the only way is gratitude. For your kind information, the percentage of gratitude is the percentage of peace in your life. Yes, once again we remind you that “the percentage of gratitude is the percentage of peace in your life”. This buy gratitude […]

  • Mental Solution

    Mental Solution

    All kind of mental problem arises because of unregulated thoughts and emotions, which belongs to the mind. Normally you do not know how to control your mind.If you try in your own way, it often fails to give the proper result because you do not know the nature of mind. Here Siddhant School of Yoga […]

  • Secrets of Breathing

    Secrets of Breathing

    Breathing is necessary for a life to live. But the science of breathing is very much important to live a healthy, wealthy and wise life. Siddhant School of Yoga discovered some unique techniques of breathing which can help you to become free from physical and mental disease. Right breathing practice during yoga course, helps to […]

  • Complete Growth

    Complete Growth

    Complete growth has to be related to every aspect of your personality. Your personality includes -physical body, mental body, panic body, understanding body and bliss body. Complete Growth means simultaneously growth of these five bodies. You should have to develop your physical health, mental balance, energy balance and understanding simultaneously to get the blissful, joyful […]

  • Chakra and Kundalini Meditation

    Chakra and Kundalini Meditation

    Kundalini Meditation and Chakra Meditation both are two steps of a Meditation technique. Chakra meditation is the first step of Kundalini meditation and Kundalini meditation is the second step of chakra meditation. In chakra meditation, we help you to discover your chakras in you and help you to awaken them separately one by one. In […]