Be thankful! Everybody know thankfulness it may be a habit or common understanding can make your life easier and smoother. If you have a spiritual attitude you know this may push towards the spirituality or experience of the whole. Suppose you are the logical person having the scientific attitude then you know this is all about real practice to achieve anything and everything and you can relate thankfulness to present moment, yoga, growth, success and each and every positive part of your life. Then “why people do not manage to maintain thankfulness which seems very simple and useful”? Many reasons can be there following to the person to person, finding the different situation and condition and if you go on solving the different problems of the person, it will never work as a complete solution. The new situations are been created day by day and it creates various challenges. It is impossible and impractical to be thankful in each and every challenges. So yoga, yes only yoga can say there is only one reason to be non-thankful. Only one region, if you deal with that one challenge it would be very easy to be thankful and it might be your nature as gratitude letter

Would you like to know about that one thing which not allows you to be grateful? I hope yes. Let you clear that whenever you find only one solution to many problems, it has been always very challenging. So get ready for.

And that is ‘YOU’

Now you are not a personality as it would be. Right now you are a ‘crowd’. You know – you have your body, mind, intellect, energy, understanding, emotion and many other things like these. sometimes your body is dominating to other parts of a personality, sometimes mind, emotion, understanding and so on. one is in you as a captain to all no one is a leader to lead all the things so who will say thanks Understand in this way, when your understanding is dominating to other parts of your personality and asking for something to do when the work is completed are the time understanding isn’t there that there is there to say thanks at the same time some other one is ruling on your personality maybe your body and body is total unknown all about what have been asked to buy and to do when they’re Standing and what have been completed or not there is no official link in between your body and understanding so there is no possible to be grateful what happened that someone is there to ask to do to other party for personality and no other one is yet changed as a ruler and the work has been done and finished then the thankful then thankfulness comes automatically but it is occasionally and very rare Sofa thankfulness Centre is dare to manage to other part of your existence otherwise you can it be possible it is all about yoga and yoga practice it is all about discipline in simple word only one thing can make you grateful your discipline attitude the more discipline you will be the more grateful will come into your life and whenever will the master roll over with the grateful and thankful then the gratitude comes automatically and spontaneously in your life.