Wisdom is an essence of your understanding. No one can be a wise person to reading some books. By reading some books you can get some information about something but during some negative situation or intense situation, your information may not help you. Normally we found that your information is not helping you when you need it more. But your wisdom definitely helps you when you actually need it. your wisdom is your real friend and your information is a just a so-called friend.

Then how to get wisdom?

There is no shortcut to getting wisdom. Here in this present generation, everybody looking instant result. For your kind information, you cannot get into instant wisdom.

For wisdom, you have to follow your common sense accurately moment to moment, whatever you think right for you-you have to do that. When you do the right thing which is decided by you then something increase, something creates in you- that is wisdom. Wisdom is the inner clarity of “what is good and what is bad” when there is clarity you simply follow or do the right whether the situation is bad or good, whether the situation is intense or light. Nature is always right, nature gives you some tools to use to achieve anything and everything. Your common sense is the tool- using your common sense you can establish in wisdom. Don’t think that reading some book, listening to some discourses or doing some yoga posture you can get wisdom. For wisdom, you have to go through write observation, not listening to your mind, following your right decision coming from your experience. For wisdom, you have to respect yourself, you have to love yourself, focus on your growth, some discipline

Siddhant School of Yoga he is a unique yoga School where you can understand what is wisdom and get a chance to develop your wisdom practically for your growth. As I mentioned, to develop your wisdom you have to follow your own decision, your right part of your personality, your commitments but how can you know that your decisions are right or wrong how can you know that your commitments are really right. So here in this yoga School, you are not only going through the practice of wisdom you are helping to understand what is the nature of the decision, how to judge your decision is right or not. What is the commitment, how to follow the commitments, when you follow the commitment what will the result? So one good quality is connected with a lot of good qualities. Normally we help you to develop your all qualities with the help of 1 quality.