This point is specially mentioned for a seeking attitude yoga practitioner. Actually, yoga is meant for you to find your true identity. First, You need to understand intellectually actually “who you are?” then you have to go through a different kind of yogic practice in a unique way so that you can not trap yourself with the Yoga rather you can use the Yoga to go beyond it and find your true identity. During the yoga courses, here you can understand that ‘you are not the body’, ‘you have a body,’ ‘you are not the mind’, ‘you have a mind’ and so on. For example, when you are disturbed, you are saying ‘I am very disturbed’ but we can help you to you understand and practice that ‘your mind is disturbed’ you are not, you are beyond your mind. Do not identify yourself with your mind. in this way we will help you to understand and experience your true identity.