What is love? let us understand the love all about It is not easy at all to present what love actually is! It is something like sleep or meditation. Yes, you can be in “love” but you cannot define love. You can indicate what is love but you cannot express what love is. Now, this present generation has less interested to experience something, they want to analyze everything, the same way they want to analyze Love, which is impossible. So what to do- we need to define love to give a pointer to our youngsters to understand the LOVE all about.

The expressive way of meditation his love, meditative life is love, nonexpectation (behavior) is love. You can say the meditation is the internal part of the love and love is the external part of meditation. Love is a silent relationship with someone, to something, to nature, to God or existence. If you look deep into the love you can find that you cannot love anyone or anything. You can not personalize the Love. You can understand in this way, You(ego) and love cannot exist in you together. Either your ego exists or love. Yes, it can be possible that love is there and your ego dissolves in Love. To experience the moment of love we are presenting a small experiment please try.

Method: Please go through some meditation or relaxation technique very honestly and after this practice whenever you are coming out this meditative states and before opening your eyes just look within “this is the glimps of true love” then slowly open your eyes, now you are looking at the whole world in a different way maybe for a short period of time this is the experience of love, during this short time period you are fully aware you recognize the things, you are knowing the things, you are very much aware of anything and everything but you are not in analyzing, you are not thinking, you are simply looking without any judgment, without any analyze, without any comparison, without any expectation this is the state of ‘being’ is called Love.

Truly if we’ll talk about the love that without experiencing the meditation, the state of thoughtlessness you cannot be in love. Meditation and love are both sides of a coin. By meditation, you can discover the love and by Love, you can discover the meditation. If you are a heart-oriented person, emotion-oriented person, feeling oriented person then love is the right path to discover the meditation. If you are a thinking oriented person, analyzing oriental person, the understanding oriented person then meditation is the right path to discover the love.

These are various way to discover love. One of the best methods is staying and following one Master or sincerely following a single meditation technique given by the master of a yoga teacher. Whether you are an emotional oriented person, feelings-oriented person or you are a thinking oriented person, analyze oriented person it doesn’t matter just follow all the instructions of the Master properly, it means to follow the technique the rightful way, then you can experience love, meditation and then Samadhi

So basically you cannot do love on your part but definitely, you can do something so that love simply enters into your personality and dissolve your personality and help you to establish with yourself.

Yoga and its different aspects definitely help you to experience what love is very quickly. Yoga helps to stay in this present moment by various yogic aspects and helps you to look into the objects without thinking. You may be understood that the state of non-thinking is the gateway to Love. And Yoga is all about to move thinking zone to non- thinking zone. Finally, we would like to present that by the practice of different yogic aspect we can prepare you to understand and experience Love in its real form.

Where there is thinking there is no Love and where there is love there is no thinking.