Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is an important part of Yoga Philosophy, it is an integral part of the welfare of the entire humanity because of its utility to all. Every person in society can not eligible to follow the processes of yoga as it is very intense. Hatha Yoga enables you to follow yoga procedures. Most of the people in the society believe that they are the body, almost every decision of them rotates around the body, in this situation it is extremely difficult to follow the path of yoga. Yoga is experiencing beyond the body. Yoga gives you experience that I am not the body, in fact, I have a body. Now we are living at the level of the body, so experience something beyond the body is not easy. The practice of Hatha Yoga Helps to get it.

Our journey can start from there, where we are. As we are living at the level of the body. Therefore it is easy and useful to start the journey from the body. So we give great importance to Hatha Yoga. It is an easy medium to start from the body to go beyond the body. In Hatha Yoga, Asanas has done by practicing various parts of the body in the right way. During the Practice of Hatha Yoga, a lot of things are taken care of. Out of them, the most important is the flow of two different streams of energy flowing in the body. These two energy flows are called Sun energy and Moon energy. The Sun and Moon energy flows differently and operate the body’s actions in a proper way. Due to the absence of proper attitude and lifestyle this solar energy and lunar energy will become unbalanced and causes a lot of physical and mental problem. As soon as you start doing Hatha Yoga, you get the height of the body’s solar energy and the balance of the moon energy. The name of balancing the sun and moon energy is the Hatha yoga. in Hatha Yoga, The ‘HA’ represents the solar energy and the ‘THA’ represents the lunar energy. The Practitioner who wants to practice Hatha Yoga should be taken care of the Moon and the Sun energy. Moon and sun energy are associated with our lunar pulse and sun pulse if at the time of Hatha Yoga practice, any practitioner can use this lunar and solar energy in right way, he/she takes the bones very easily. Besides many asanas, some asanas affect solar energy and there are many such asanas which affect our moon tone and the moon energy. It is very important to take care of all these during the time of Hatha Yoga. Experienced practitioner or teacher means, understand the methods to balance the solar energy and lunar energy at the time of Hatha Yoga.

If done properly the result of Hatha Yoga is surprising in itself. We are most of all the people lives at the level of the body. By doing the Hatha Yoga, we open a path to move from the body to beyond the body through the body. Science has certified that the body is the intimate of the mind. It means if we work with the body, the mind will get balanced. The right practice of Hatha Yoga begins us to be successful in adjusting our mind also because the mind is intimate to the body. So Hatha Yoga does not only keep your body healthy but also enables you to experience the body beyond. The person practicing Hatha Yoga Asanas, that person never comes to manipulations of mind. A Hatha Yogi moves through a different kind of understanding, ideas, and methods. Yes, the different kind of aura starts coming and he finds welfare properly in our society and is able to service. Hatha Yoga is the best path for a common person to experience real happiness.

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